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 Prometeo have responded to renewed interest in some of the ancient grains that once grew naturally around the Mediterranean. Consumers everywhere have increased sensitivity to the highly processed wheat strains grown all over the world. Although you may have heard this now many times, Spelt is still wheat but it is a softer more digestible grain. More than this it is the most suitable type of wheat for organic farming.

The benefits of returning to crops that were native to the area are more far reaching than healthy eating. This type of wheat will grow without fertilizers and minimal pesticide. The wheat grows very slowly and with a lesser yield but it has a longer growing season and will withstand extreme temperatures. It will also grow happily in marginal areas such as slopes and hilly terrain. This means that it’s environmental impact is significantly less than growing other strains of wheat.
The mill is not only certified organic but they use a traditional low temperature stone milling method known to retain the natural oils.
Spelt/Farro is lower in gluten, than other whole wheat grains and is more easily digested. It can be used in place of rice or other grains and works well as a potato replacement with meats and sauces. It will be a hearty accoutremont to a soup or cooked and added to steamed dishes such as mussels or vegetables. It is particularly nice in salad. It will soak up dressing and becomes very flavourful 


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 August, 2014.
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