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[1 kg]

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Materia Prima Polenta per Bianca 1 kg. Stone Ground White Polenta.Polenta is a generic name for grains that are pounded into a flour and Italians once also used Farro, buckwheat and even chestnut to make a polenta like gruel. These days polenta is made from corn that has been dried and ground. It is a naturally gluten free ingredient and corn is a traditional crop from the north of Italy.  There are many species, but the corn grown in Italy makes wonderful polenta meal and flours. Some of the corn grown, are heirloom varieties that have been milled into “polenta” for hundreds of years. This polenta is especially milled and packaged for us in the Lombardy region.

Polenta is used in many ways throughout Italian cuisine. It is especially prized for eating cooked into a soft puree with lots of cheese but it can also be cooled and left to firm up before being grilled, fried or baked. It makes a wonderful bread, pizza base or cake, and can be eaten sweetened as a dessert or for breakfast, and really has as many uses as your imagination will allow. 

This White polenta has a course texture, which takes a little more cooking but coarse grinding of the nibs leaves it with an extremely satisfying corn flavour. A little bit goes a long way. White polenta is not as common as the yellow variety and can be used in place of potatoes as a puree as well as all of the other methods you would use yellow polenta for.




This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 January, 2017.
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