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Amedei Milk Chocolate Soufflé

Ingredients for chocolate sauce: 110g milk, 20g caster sugar, 10g unsalted butter, 70g Amedei Toscano Brown chocolate.

Ingredients for soufflé: 60g fine-ground hazelnuts or hazelnut flour, 180g Amedei for you milk chocolate drops, 200g milk, 120g caster sugar, 4 yolks, 8 egg whites, 50g flour

Method of chocolate sauce:

  • Bring the milk to boil with the sugar
  • Add the chocolate and the butter, off the heat
  • Whisk until completely melted
Method of soufflé:
  1. With some softened butter lightly grease the soufflé moulds and then line with caster sugar
  2. Bring the milk to boil
  3. Beat together the egg yolks and the 60g caster sugar, advd the sieved flour
  4. Pour half of the boiled milk into the egg yolk mixture
  5. Add all back into the pan, cook over a low heat for approx. 2 minutes
  6. Remove from the heat and stir in the milk chocolate drops
  7. Fold in the ground hazelnuts
  8. Make a medium peak meringue with the egg whites and the 40g of caster sugar
  9. Fold the meringue into the chocolate base
  10. Spoon into the moulds about 3/4 full and bake in the 200° pre-heated oven until risen approx. 15 minutes
  11. Serve hot with the chocolate sauce
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